A Trip To Birdwood

Technology and media can be confusing to people. Especially when we see it taking over people's lives. However, media and technology ultimately do something important, they share words. At Lutheran Media we are sharing THE Word, Jesus Christ, and his message of hope. We are communicating Christ to where people are at. Whether they are using their phone, radio, or computer.
People who don't use the latest technology may feel lost in where media is going. But groups like the Lutheran ladies of Birdwood, where some aren't on Facebook or have an email address, still see the impact we can have by sharing God's messages of hope in Jesus Christ through media to people.
Thank you for your understanding and support. God bless you!

- Pastor Richard Fox

Morning Tea


Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Holy Cross Lutheran Church.
A thoughtful thankyou gift. A thoughtful thankyou gift.


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