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  • Families are Like Fudge

    Family life can be tricky at the best of times, let alone through coronavirus restrictions. It can be a struggle, especially when you’re stuck at home all day for days and days. Things aren’t always so great and no family is perfect. Click here to listen as Rob Schubert shares how great things can happen through imperfect families.

  • Peace Beyond Reason

    “To this day, I don’t know what triggered it, but the lady in front of me blew her stack - What gives you the right? What gives you the right to be at peace? I hate it!”

    Are you looking for peace? Click here to listen to Noel Due talk about peace – not the dream of world peace, but about inner peace.

  • What the World Needs Now

    “We are living in a world today where people long for hope, yet many have no hope. Christians – followers of Jesus Christ – talk a lot about hope. But hope in what?

    Do you feel hopeful? Click here to listen as Mark shares how God can give a hope that rises above the uncertainty and anxiety. Where to you find hope?

  • Easter – A Time of Hope

    How do you make sense of it all when things are tough? Click here to listen as Richard shares his experiences of the bushfires first hand, and the many stories of people going through all sorts of terrible things. Where do you find hope? And how does the story of Easter speak into times of trouble when we feel hopeless.

  • Facing the Unexpected

    We’ve had an overwhelming start to 2020. Bushfires, drought, floods and now a health pandemic. How do we cope with and make sense of all these unexpected disasters? Click here to listen as Noel, Celia and Richard chat about these issues and where to find hope for today, and into the future.

  • Easing the Pain

    “Those first two nights in hospital were the longest nights I’d ever experienced in my whole life, nothing seemed to stop the intense pain.”  
    Have you ever experienced pain that won’t go away? Not just the temporary, belting your thumb with a hammer, as painful as that is. But pain that goes on for days, or weeks or even longer. Click here to listen to Mark Doecke talk about pain, and where we can look for hope, when it just won’t go away.

  • Comfort for Tragedy

    “There is life after a fire”
    What do you do when you’re away from home and you receive a phone call that there is a bushfire in your area? Click here to listen to Richard share how bushfires affected his family and the community he grew up in. How do you pick up the pieces after the devastation of a raging bushfire? Or any devastating tragedy?

  • Short Movie Competition 2020

  • God Understands Suffering

    Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right? Where you wish you could just start the day over again and make different choices? Click here to listen to Richard Fox as he tells his story of trying to fix a leaky tap with disastrous consequences and a disappointed family – and his reflections on better ways to deal with the stress.

  • Beneath the Stress

    What would a stress free life look like to you? Everyone wants to have less stress – so why do we seem to fall into the same cycles of over-commitment and feeling overwhelmed? Click here to listen as Celia, Anna and Janine chat about why its so hard to get beyond the stress.

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