Lutheran Men of South Australia

Recently I was invited to lead a discussion on the topic "Communicating Christ" to the Lutheran Men of South Australia. We had a great time. We were lighting matches, eating m&ms, and reading the bible to hear what God is calling us to do. Mark 16:1-8, Romans 10:13-17, and 1 Peter 3:15 were the key passages which speak of what God is doing before, through, and with us to share his message of hope in Jesus Christ.

We also discussed the possibility of an outreach men's website that could be a hub for men related topics, events, and interests.

Thanks to the men for their support, questions, and input. Lutheran Media values the support of the Lutheran Men of South Australia along with the support from the Lutheran Men of Australia and of Victoria. Thanks guys for a great day. God bless you!

Lutheran Men of Australia

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