Let the club do the work

There’s a saying in golf, “Let the club do the work”. This is easier said than done. When you are lining up to have your shot off the tee, the flag and hole look a long way away. The thoughts are to hit the ball as hard as you can to get it near the hole. A result is often a shanked shot into the bushes and a long search for the golf ball. It’s in these moments of frustration I again remind myself, ‘trust the club’.
When I don’t try to hit the ball too hard and let the club do the work it is amazing how often a good shot is the result.
Life can be a little like this. We want things to work out as we want and will put a great deal of effort into it. And how often do we muck it up?
God is here to do the work for us, to guide and help us. He calls us to trust in him and in his son, Jesus Christ.
Even though it may seem scary at first to trust in someone other than ourselves. It’s amazing how often I am at peace when I trust in God. I hope and pray that you are too.

- Pastor Richard Fox



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