Happy Easter!

When we think of Easter, most people may think of Easter eggs - the chocolate treat wrapped up in pretty paper.

Easter eggs come in all shapes and sizes these days. There are bunny’s, bilbies, and even footballs.

Easter eggs weren’t always made of chocolate. They were also made of sugar candy or even from a real chicken egg. I remember the process of hollowing out an egg and making sure the egg shell didn’t break.

Easter eggs aren’t simply nice to eat. They are a symbol of what Easter is really about.

Like a chicken hatching from what looks like a lifeless egg, so at Easter we celebrate life from death. And the life we celebrate is Jesus’ death and resurrection for us.

At Easter, we remember how Jesus suffered and died on a cross for us. How on that cross he sacrificed himself for us so that we are forgiven by God and that we can forgive and love each other.

At Easter we also celebrate his life and how he rose to life. Through this act, he gives us the gift of eternal life.

When we crack open a hollow egg this Easter, we can be reminded that Jesus’ tomb is empty and he is alive forever with us today.

Easter’s true meaning gives us real and lasting hope and it’s a gift from God.

So when you give or receive an Easter egg all wrapped up in shiny paper and tasting of sweet chocolate, remember the attractive and sweet tasting news that Jesus has defeated death for us and gives us life.

- Pastor Richard Fox



You can read and hear more about Easter at www.facetoface.org.au or www.lca.org.au/devotion-archive.html

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