Why did I give up chocolate for lent?

I gave up chocolate for lent. It was a rash decision that I have never done before. I’ve heard about people doing it but never understood why.

I am addicted to chocolate so this was a big deal. I didn’t think I would see it through but with the constant reminders of my family, here I am heading into the Easter weekend craving chocolate. Although, not as much as I thought I would be. It’s been an interesting journey of self-discovery. I have realised that I can survive without chocolate. That biscuits and cake (not chocolate) look more appealing. And it has made me focus on my relationships more, especially with God.

What I did for lent pails into insignificance when compared to what Jesus did. Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days and nights. He was hungry and he was also being tempted by the Devil. The Devil didn’t want Jesus to die on the cross. He wanted Jesus to take the easy way out and not go through all of that suffering.

Thank you Jesus for not giving in. Thank you that you willingly went to the cross for me so that death could be defeated and I can live with you forever.

I’d give up more than chocolate for that but I don’t need to because you give me this gift for free. Thank you Jesus for giving me eternal life with you!

- Pastor Richard Fox


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