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Recently, I was privileged to attend the Christian Media Association conference – Connect14. Leaders in Christian Media - including radio and TV station executives, content producers, and social commentators - gathered at a 2 day conference to network and support each other to share the good news of Jesus Christ through media.
John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister, spoke on our social context and his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that the western world faces.
We were encouraged by people who had given many years of service, including Roger Climpson (Channel 7 News reader in Sydney) and Gordon Moyes who hosted successful TV shows.
I attended electives on story writing in today’s culture and I came away with many ideas from the 2 day event.
I was very encouraged by the impact Christians are making through media to reach out to people with the good news of Jesus Christ. After all, “Christ is the message, media is the mouth piece”.

- Pastor Richard Fox

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