• Smashing Plates - Part 2

    “My father was trained in the war in interrogation and torture, he executed me lots of times. One of the flashbacks that would come was being tortured in his workshop under the stairs and the sexual abuse, that went on all the time.”

    Click here to listen to part 2 of our interview where Chris shares one of the key things that freed her from the trauma of her past.

  • Special Parenting

    Have you ever doubted yourself as a parent and had to face feelings of guilt and regret at not being good enough? “When you’re a parent with a child with special needs you feel, well I felt like a bit of a failure as a parent. I’ll be honest there were times in the early days that I wished him out of our family because this is just too hard.” Click here to listen this week as we talk with Kirra about some of the challenges she’s faced raising a son with Aspergers.

  • Payback

    “I didn’t feel like I wanted to forgive her, why should I? Y’know, when I did the sums, it wasn’t fair”

    When someone hurts you, how do you react? Do you want revenge? Revenge might feel better for a time but in the end the hurts remain. Click here to listen to Rob Schubert, who’ll talk about a better way to deal with those who hurt us

  • Not Good Enough

    “I generally feel like I am actually a really good person. Why am I not good enough for my parents to love me?”

    The messages we receive as children have a huge impact on the way we see ourselves, and that can stay with us throughout our life. Click here to listen as Celia talks with Sarah about the challenges she’s faced to feel truly loved and accepted.

  • Fathers

    “My father seemed to know everything when I was little. As a teenager it’s amazing how much he’d forgotten! But then as an adult I realized he wasn’t bullet proof or out of touch. He was real. He had fears, failings and strengths just like me. I’m glad he was my dad.”

    What was your father like when you grew up? Is being a parent what you thought it would be like? Do you sometimes wonder whether you’re doing a good enough job? Click here to listen to Rob Schubert this week as he reflects on his experience of fatherhood, and on God, who reveals himself to us as a loving dad.

  • You are Valuable

    No one is immune from the threat of domestic and family violence. In recent times family violence has been spoken about much more openly. Click here to listen to James this week as he looks at the effects of domestic violence, and how we can search for hope in the face of such a widespread and destructive problem.

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