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  • Specific Ministry Pastors

    I had the honour of talking with 10 Specific Ministry Pastors at Australian Lutheran College today. They were from many parts of Australia and even New Zealand.

    Lutheran Media produces and shares many resources that are helpful to these pastors and congregations. I was also excited by the ideas and questions from the group.

    Keep up the good work. God bless.


  • A Warm Welcome At Aberfoyle Park

    My first visit to Our Saviour Lutheran Church at Aberfoyle Park in South Australia was memorable because of the warm welcome given to my family and I. Thank you for your welcome and the support for Lutheran Media. Your support is reaching people in need of real hope in Jesus Christ.
    I gave a message on Mission through Reconciliation and seeing conflict as an opportunity to bring the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ into our relationships. We also celebrated Father’s Day and my children made biscuits for me at kids church – Yum!
    Thanks for a great day! God bless

    Aberfoyle Park

  • Mid North – Yorke Peninsula Zone Women’s Fellowship Day

    A drive through the countryside in the Clare valley was very refreshing. I was a guest speaker at the Mid North – Yorke Peninsula Zone Women’s Fellowship Day which was in Clare at the Lutheran Church. It was my first visit since returning from the USA so I thought I might be a little rusty. But thanks to the ladies and gentlemen who had come, I was made to feel very welcome, and the food was yummy as always. Thanks to people like them, people are hearing the good news of Jesus Christ and the real hope and comfort that he offers. Thank you for your prayers and donations.

    Mid North – Yorke Peninsula Zone Women’s Fellowship Day

  • Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM)

    Thanks to Rev Doug Rutt and International Lutheran Hour Ministries (ILHM), I had the opportunity to share with LHM what Lutheran Media is doing and where it is heading. I also shared greetings from our former director Rev Richard Mau, Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) Bishop John Henderson, past LCA president Rev Dr Mike Semmler, and Neil Lehmann (president of Lutheran Men of Australia).

    The people at the presentation were all very excited about the outreach mission work that God is doing through Lutheran Media and they asked lots of questions.
    Thank you ILHM and LHM for partnering with us to share messages of hope through media to Australians, New Zealanders, and the world. The booklets and resources are helping many people!

  • Communicating Christ in USA

    On arriving into America, I realised quite quickly that even though both countries speak English, there are still language barriers. I needed to listen well to understand some Americans and their accent. And them to me. It showed my how important communicating is to us and how more important it is to listen. Listening is a sign of respect. Jesus Christ calls us to listen to his words as his words give us his love, hope, and life. From listening to his words, we know what words to speak. Thanks God! This was a snippet of a message I gave at the Lutheran Hour Ministries chapel service. Thanks LHM for this opportunity.

  • Lutheran Men of South Australia

    Recently I was invited to lead a discussion on the topic "Communicating Christ" to the Lutheran Men of South Australia. We had a great time. We were lighting matches, eating m&ms, and reading the bible to hear what God is calling us to do. Mark 16:1-8, Romans 10:13-17, and 1 Peter 3:15 were the key passages which speak of what God is doing before, through, and with us to share his message of hope in Jesus Christ.

    We also discussed the possibility of an outreach men's website that could be a hub for men related topics, events, and interests.

    Thanks to the men for their support, questions, and input. Lutheran Media values the support of the Lutheran Men of South Australia along with the support from the Lutheran Men of Australia and of Victoria. Thanks guys for a great day. God bless you!

    Lutheran Men of Australia

  • Into The Adelaide Hills

    Driving up the freeway in the light drizzle to Strathalbyn reminded me fondly of growing up in Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills. Arriving at the Salem Lutheran Church and its picturesque setting was refreshing. A beautiful country church in a country paddock beside a small creek celebrating its 150th anniversary. Most of the pews had people in them and the portable screen survived my PowerPoint presentation. Thanks for the cuppa too.

    I had a quick trip into Strathalbyn for the second service. Thankfully the people of Strathalbyn were very patient with me as I was running late. After a few hiccups with the liturgy and testing the PowerPoint operator with my presentation, the service went smoothly. Thank you to the PowerPoint operator for helping me. I was also excited to hear that you may be trialling the use of a Worship DVD for your worship service due to your pastoral vacancy.

    The sausage sizzle at the end of worship went down very well too. Thanks for a great day!

    - Pastor Richard Fox

    Strathalbyn Lutheran Church Strathalbyn Lutheran Church
  • Fullarton Lutheran Homes

    I had the pleasure of being the guest speaker at the volunteers lunch at Fullarton Lutheran Homes. It was a fantastic celebration of what volunteers do in the community, especially at Fullarton Lutheran Homes. There were about 50 volunteers at the lunch, and yes, there was red wine J. Even our own Annette Wessling was honoured by receiving an award for 25 years of service at the Homes. Annette had even packed the Lutheran Media showbags that were given out on the day. Thank you Annette. And thanks to Fullarton Lutheran Homes for the opportunity and a yummy lunch.

    - Pastor Richard Fox

  • Mail Out Day

    Our reliable and hardworking volunteers came in to help with mailing out our latest newsletter. They are a wonderful bunch of dedicated people who want the good news of Jesus Christ to go out into people’s lives through media. We reduced how many we send to congregations this year and have posted letters to people who have supported us in the past. You may end up with one in the post, one with The Lutheran, and one in your pigeon hole at church. Sorry for the double up but we actually saved money by doing this. Thanks to The Lutheran for helping us with the design, production and distribution too! If you have received multiple copies, please share them with your family, friends or neighbours. Thanks for your support, we can’t share the good news of Jesus Christ without you! God bless.

    - Pastor Richard Fox

    Mail Out Day

  • Queensland Synod

    The Queensland Synod gathers at Gatton. Synod meetings are exciting times to meet with congregation and ministry representatives to hear the challenges and opportunities that the church faces in today's context and community. I enjoy going to these events to hear people's stories and to share the stories of Lutheran Media. The stories of people responding to the good news of Jesus Christ through media inspire and encourage us to be bold and courageous to share the good news of Jesus Christ and his message of hope.

    See you there Queensland

    - Richard Fox

    Queensland District Synod 2014 Queensland District Synod 2014

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