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  • Thank you Ian

    Recently, Ian Liddell, the Chairperson of Lutheran Media, resigned. This was due to personal reasons and the Board, Staff, and volunteers thank him for his service and guidance over many years. Ian served as the Chairperson of Lutheran Media for more than 7 years and has left it in a healthy position. All the best Ian and God bless you and your wife, Tanya.


  • The Beautiful Riverland

    I had the pleasure of driving through the Riverland in South Australia. What a peaceful place. I can see why people would like to live by water. I managed to squeeze in a stop at Maize Island just outside of Waikerie. It’s an amazing place with cliffs, river red gums, and bird life. It reminded me of a peaceful place and the bible verse, “since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:1

    The purpose of the trip was not just to see the river but to visit Renmark and Paringa and lead and preach at their worship service. I stayed with a kind and generous man, Colin Lindner, and people from the church took me out for lunch on Sunday. Thank you for making me feel very welcomed.




  • Worth Fighting For

    “Hi, my name’s Sophie, I’m 24 and when I was 8 my mum left. I don’t know if I felt like it then but it’s definitely been something I’ve had to deal with since then of feeling unworthy, unlovable, not worth fighting for. You get to this point where how could anyone else love me if a parent can’t love me enough to stay?”

    Have you ever felt unloved and not worth fighting for? Listen to Face to Face this week to hear Sophie’s story of finding acceptance and a new kind of family. You’ll discover that God believes you are worth fighting for.

  • Win The Toss – You Serve

    “If you win the toss, you serve. It’s not about receiving – it’s all about the advantage we have in serving.”

    In a game of tennis, its often best to serve first. This can give you the best chance of winning the game. Can this also be true for everyday life? What does it mean to serve? On Face to Face last week, Trevor Keller looked at serving. “You win and so do I”

    Click here to listen

  • Victorians and Tasmanians in Werribee

    The Lutheran Church of Australia district of Victoria and Tasmania recently met in Tarneit (near Werribee) in the Wyndham City Council. This council area has the fastest growing population in Australia where 140 new houses are opened every week. There is an amazing opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with these people. There are people from many walks of life and countries which poses real challenges and opportunities to the Lutheran Church in the area. To help, Lutheran Media is broadcasting Face to Face through 3CS (3250 ACE Radio) from Colac.

    Lutheran Media attended the convention, listened to the people, and shared how the good news of Jesus Christ is being spread through media. Thank you to the LCA Victorian and Tasmanian district for inviting, listening, and welcoming us.


  • You’re Welcome

    Do you feel afraid when you walk into a new place for the first time? Like into a new friend’s house, a party, or entertainment venue? We like to feel welcomed, especially when we enter a new space on our own. On Face to Face this week I’ll be talking about being welcomed. Thankfully Jesus welcomes every one and wants everyone to come into his house.

    Check out the new video clip called “You’re Welcome” on or

  • Mission, Translating, Media

    So what do mission, bible translating, and media have in common?

    It may sound like a joke that needs a punchline but there is something serious that links all three. They spread The Word. And that word is Jesus Christ. Through spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, people receive God’s promises and therefore his hope, peace, joy, life, and love.

    Thanks to the Lutheran Bible Translators Australia for inviting me to preach at their annual church service which was held this year at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Murray Bridge.

    Let’s encourage each other to share the good news of Jesus Christ and not be afraid to say that, “I’m a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ”.

    Holy Cross Murray Bridge


    “One of the great things about songs is that you can recall songs much better than just things that are said, because songs actually use both sides of the brain”

    This year Robin Mann celebrates 50 years of song writing. His songs are in numerous collections around the world. On Face to Face this week, we’ll be hearing Robin’s perspective on songs from his recent collection, and how they reveal the character of God.

  • Out and About

    Thanks to God for great weather to visit the McLaren Vale and Goolwa areas. The sun was shining on a day that two little boys were baptised into God’s family.

    Thank you to the people for the warm welcome and for listening me talk about how the last will be first and the first will be last. This phrase seems strange until we see what Jesus has done for us J

    Thanks for your support, for listening to Face to Face, and for playing Happyland and using our resources.

    Thanks and God bless


  • Happy Birthday Face to Face!

    On the 18th September 1983, Face to Face first went to air on radio stations across Australia. After being called the Lutheran Hour since 1945, Australian script writers and presenters helped produce an Australian Lutheran outreach program. 100’s of people have been involved in this high quality production that continues to reach out to people in need of the good news of Jesus Christ. Face to Face contributes to reaching out to over 1,000,000 people and continues to bring a culturally relevant gospel to Australia and the world. Happy Birthday Face to Face!


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