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  • Happyland Easter Calendar

    Have fun this Easter with the NEW Happyland Easter Calendar.

    Many Children don’t know the real story of Easter and parents and teachers are often after resources to share with children. In the NEW Happyland Easter Calendar you’ll find videos, colouring-in pages, recipes, and other exciting activities. You can open an Easter egg every day in the week leading up to and the week after Easter. Children will have lots of fun exploring the real story of Easter.

    Click here to join in the fun.

  • Media Matters March 2015

    Click here to download Media Matters March 2015 edition.

  • Lutheran Media to the world

    Lutheran Media was recently invited to represent Australian Christian media to the world. The trip took Rev Richard Fox to Nashville for a week of intensive conference sessions, meetings, and network events to share what Lutheran Media is doing and to listen to what others are doing around the world. There were also Hollywood producers, social media policy makers, and numerous social and theological commentators at the conference. What we discovered was that Lutheran Media sits in a unique space in Christian media in that we are played on commercial media. Many were interested in what we are doing and took samples of our messages of hope to use and share on their networks. It’s exciting and encouraging to know that Jesus’ message of hope is reaching more and more people around the world.

  • Chronic Pain DVD for Lent

    The popular Chronic Pain series about Pastor Stephen Abraham and his family comes in a DVD pack that can be used over 5 weeks of lent. There are videos, discussion questions, devotions, booklets, and songs. They wrestle with the issue of pain and suffering. Order a DVD pack for yourself, congregation, or small group.

  • New Zealand

    Recently Lutheran Media was invited by the Lutheran Church in New Zealand to visit media outlets and the church. The aim was to investigate any possibility of sharing Jesus’ message of hope over media and what support was in the church for such a mission. The Lutheran Church in New Zealand once had a media ministry which no longer exists and are keen to start one up again. The media outlets were very welcoming and there is a strong possibility that Face to Face could be played on the most popular radio station in New Zealand.

    Please pray for guidance and support for this opportunity.

  • 2015 Scripture Calendar

    The popular wall and scripture calendars from Lutheran Media are going fast.

    Two people who have ordered calendars have said:

    “Can I have 14 Calendars so I can give them to my neighbours?”

    “Can I have two calendars? I would like to give one to my sister who has become a Christian by reading the daily bible readings. I can’t thank you enough for the calendars.”

    There are inspiring images of Galilee, Gethsemane, and Mount Sinai amongst others. The school and public holidays are listed along with the moon cycle. There is also a 2016 planning calendar on the back page.

    Order calendars for yourself or to give as a gift.


  • Wall Calendar

    The popular Lutheran Media Wall Calendar is available for 2015.

    In it you will find inspiring images that reflect on the places Jesus travelled. There are daily bible reading references that follow the seasons of the church year. The school terms and public holidays for Australia and New Zealand are included along with the moon cycle. The large clear date boxes enable you to use the calendar to plan your year ahead (and help you not forget a birthday).

    We hope you enjoy the 2015 Calendar, many people do and some have even come to believe in Jesus because of it.

    Click here to order now

  • Media Matters November 2014

    Click here to download Media Matters November 2014 edition.

  • 2015 Calendar

    The theme for the 2015 calendar is based on the life of Jesus. There are images of where Jesus travelled and what he did such as being a carpenter. The monthly inspiring bible readings are a insights into who Jesus is for us.

    The popular layout has been retained. There are large clear date boxes to write in and daily bible references which follow the seasons of the church year. On the inside cover you’ll find the many resources that you can use and share with others.

    Order your copy online by clicking here.


  • Welcome Ben!

    Rev Ben Hentschke, from Ipswich, Queensland, is the new chairperson for the Board for Media Ministry. He has been serving on the Board since the 2013 LCA Convention of Synod.

    Ben has a keen interest in the use of media to reach out to people in need of the good news of Jesus Christ and is looking forward to chairing this board.

    We welcome Ben into this new role and look forward to working with him. God bless you Ben in this new role.
    Ben Hentschke

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