Messages of hope

  • Legless

    “I love going for walks but when I walked down to the beachfront that morning I had no idea that I was going to lose my legs.”

    How would you cope if you suddenly lost both your legs? What changes would it bring to your life and relationships? Click here to listen this week on Messages of Hope Dean talks about his near death encounter with the flesh eating infection Necrotizing Fasciitis (Fash-ee-itis). What gave Dean hope to face the future without his legs?

  • The Doctor

    "A doctor's job is to cure sometimes, to relieve often and to comfort always."

    Do you like visiting the doctor? For some people the only way you’ll get them to go to the doctor is in the back of an ambulance! Click here to listen to Richard as he talks about the impact doctors have on our lives and how Jesus is like the best doctor we could ever have.

  • Adam's Anger

    “I was real agro. Can you imagine? You've just had your life shattered by an accident and all your dreams. I had to rebuild my whole life again.”

    How would you feel if someone’s negligence destroyed your quality of life? You’d be justified in being angry. But where do you go from there? Click here to listen in to Messages of Hope this week to hear Adam’s story, and how letting go of anger changed his life.

  • Managing Anger

    “When I come home from work and I walk in the front door and get bombarded with questions or things that go on, it’s so easy to lose the plot. Especially after a hard day’s work and I’m tired, I just get angry.”

    “But what do you do, what is gonna help?”

    Click here to listen this week on Messages of Hope, as Celia and Richard look at the emotion of anger. Why do we get angry? Is anger a bad thing? And how do we deal with this anger?.

  • God and Science

    “God’s not against science. In the same way I don’t think scientists should be ignorant of faith.”

    It’s often said that politics and religion don’t mix. Another version of that equation is that science and faith don’t mix. Click here to listen as this week we interview Dr Graham Buxton about the relationship between science and faith. Can we have faith in science, and faith in God?

  • Lost In A Black Hole

    Have you ever felt trapped in your own thoughts and feelings, regrets and failings. It can be a lonely place. It can feel like your sinking in a black hole with no way out. Click here to listen as Noel Due encourages us that there is a way out. Jesus has taken all of our shame to the cross and dealt with it there.

  • It’s easy to think of domestic violence as only moments of anger and physical abuse but when you look deeper it’s about one person controlling the other. Click here to listen to Celia this week as she talks with Susan and Deb about their stories of domestic violence.

  • Short Movie Competition - 2017

    Short Movie Competition

    Thanks to all the entrants. Please enjoy watching the best videos below. Click here to watch all entered videos.


    1st - by Annie Douglas

    2nd - by Morris Family

    3rd - by Lilli Fulwood


    By Mia Bateman

    By William Kriewaldt

    By Nathan d'Hotman

    Click here to watch these and all of the entered videos on YouTube.

    Please like, write a comment and share these videos with your family and friends. Thanks

  • Mums, You don’t have to be perfect

    As mothers, we often feel like we’re not doing a very good job, and that everyone else
    seems to have it all under control. Click here to listen to Celia chat with Ali Hoopmann,
    mother of 3, about the highs and lows of being a mum. How do we get through when we just
    feel like we’re not doing anything well?

  • When Dreams Break

    Where do you go when your dreams are shattered? How do you recover from the emotional trauma and grief that overwhelms you? Click here to listen to Deborah’s story of miscarriage and how she found hope to move forwards and to dream again.

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