Bringing God's message to Immanuel Lutheran School

Thanks to the children, teachers, parents, and staff of Immanuel Lutheran School in Gawler, South Australia. Thanks for inviting me to help lead worship and bring God’s message of love and hope in Jesus Christ to you.
Thanks for getting involved, especially my volunteer who listened and talked with me on cups attached by string – ahhh the days before modern media.
Words do something.  Just like our actions may show love, words also show love. Saying “I like you” to someone is better than saying “I don’t like you”.
God says he loves us, and he means it. He proved it by sacrificing his son, Jesus, on the cross for us so that we have eternal life.
God says his love in words as he says “I forgive you” and “I love you”. To hear words like this is a good reason to go to worship. Hearing that God loves and forgives us is very special.

Thanks for sharing God’s love with me. Let’s share God’s love with people we meet. Including through media such as the internet and social media.

Hope you enjoy the Happyland show bags and enjoy playing the game at!

God bless,

- Pastor Richard Fox


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