Monthly Archives: October 2020

  • Finding Hope in Your Grief

    “My best friend was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last year. We heard finally on a Wednesday there's nothing we can do. He was dead by Friday. That was a a bit of a smack in the head!”

    Experiencing the grief of losing someone close to you can really shake you up and make you question where God is through all of this. Click here to listen as Steve shares what sustains him in the midst of grief and tough times.

  • It’s Ok to Feel Anxious

    "We're in a period as a society, as a community, as a world, where all of us are feeling this worry or anxiety at some point. And acknowledging that it's actually okay to feel how we're feeling is, is really important." Click here to listen as Richard and Celia talk about worry and anxiety with Anna, a counsellor from Journeez. What's the difference between worry and anxiety, and how do we stop being overwhelmed by things we can't control?

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