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  • Surviving School at Home

    “I was at home with four children, homeschooling, a job I have never desired before. Suddenly I was faced with mum I need help, mum I'm hungry, mum I need this, mum I need that, and I'd be standing at the door going enough already this is too hard.”

    Finding ourselves in situations that are not of our choosing can be very stressful and overwhelming. Click here to listen as Jo shares her struggles of home schooling during lockdown. How do you survive the extra challenges thrown at you without feeling like a failure?

  • Surviving Lockdown

    “With all the mental health issues that are coming up for people at this time and that sort of low level depression that everyone I think is experiencing. There's such a sense of helplessness and frustration. You know, well We tried this last time, it doesn't seem to have worked. Is this going to work this time”

    Are you feeling a bit anxious or frustrated at the ongoing situation we find ourselves in? You’re not alone. Click here to listen as we talk with Sue, who manages the spiritual care team for a hospital in Melbourne. Where do we find hope when there is so much uncertainty and separation from our loved ones?

  • Dementia – This is our Story

    “We were lying in bed one day and I’m just leaning on my elbows like this and she’s there looking up at me and
    talking and she just said - Who are you? It ripped me apart.”

    It’s hard to imagine what it would feel like when the person you’ve loved for over 50 years doesn’t know who you are. Click here to listen to John’s inspiring story of loyalty and love, in the face of Dementia.

  • Fathers and Daughters

    “Sometimes you just open your mouth and shove your foot in there before you've thought to yourself that might not be a good idea. It helps you to realize how much you have to listen to be able to learn.”

    Parenting a teenager isn’t easy and we often get it wrong. Click here to listen as we talk with Matthew about father daughter relationships, and how dads try to find the balance between wanting to protect their daughters and empowering them towards independence. What happens when we, inevitably, mess up?

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