Monthly Archives: December 2019

  • What the World Needs Now

    Do you struggle to feel hopeful? Especially when we see so much negativity on our TV’s and in our news feeds. Click here to listen as Mark shares how God can give hope that rises above uncertainty.

  • What If God Was One Of Us

    Many people think of God as some mysterious force floating around the galaxy and entering into our lives via coincidence or miracles. The important message of Christmas is that God actually entered our world, physically, as the baby Jesus. Click here to listen as Adrian Kitson explores the question "what if God was really one of us?"

  • Messy Christmas

    What’s Christmas like for you? Do you look forward to it or would you rather avoid it? Click here to listen as Richard, Celia and Noel discuss the messy side of Christmas. Is it possible to still enjoy the peace, joy and hope of Christmas, even in the mess?

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