Monthly Archives: November 2019

  • Disneyland

    Would you like a free family holiday to Disneyland? The chance to see your favourite Disney characters, go on the thrilling rides and spend time as a family. It sounds amazing. But what happens when it doesn’t quite turn out that way? Click here to listen to Richard as he shares about his family trip to Disneyland. Even in the happiest places, families can still struggle but there is hope to restore the peace.

  • Fighting Fires

    Bushfires can be devastating. Even when you’re well prepared they have a way of surprising you! So what’s it like to survive a catastrophic bushfire? Click here to listen as we talk with firefighters who had to face a fire head on and home owners who had to leave their homes. How do they make sense of a natural disaster like a bushfire?

  • It Doesn’t Make Sense

    We don’t have to look too hard to discover disasters happening all around the world. But what about closer to home? Maybe you’ve been in a car accident, had an injury at work, or experienced the sudden death of someone you love. It‘s very difficult to get through disasters like these, sometimes it seems impossible. Click here to listen this week as John Henderson shares his insights about a tragedy that was close to him, and how there can still be hope.

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