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  • Dads 101

    This week we’re celebrating Father’s Day. Click here to listen as a group of dads share their joys, struggles and hopes as fathers. Being a dad isn’t always easy but it’s a whole better when we know we’re not the only one. You’ll be encouraged to hear there is forgiveness for the muck-ups and plenty of joy to be had.

  • Joy Beyond Shattered Dreams?

    “God isn’t a cruel trickster. He hasn’t left us in a dark box with a jigsaw puzzle to assemble without a torch.”

    Have you ever felt stuck in the dark, with no way out? Life may be dark because you’ve lost your job, or someone you love. Click here to listen as Noel Due shares how God does offer us a torch, and how to discover a way through the dark times.

  • When Dreams Break

    “I just felt like a bit of a fool like because I had this happy life one day and the next day it had all fallen to bits”

    Where do you go when your dreams are shattered? How do you grieve? How do you risk dreaming again? Click here to listen to Deborah’s story and how she found hope to dream again

  • Science or Faith?

    “God’s not against science. In the same way I don’t think scientists should be ignorant of faith.”

    It’s often said that politics and religion don’t mix. Another version of that equation is that science and faith don’t mix. Click here to listen to Dr Graham Buxton talk about the relationship between science and faith and ask can we have faith in science, and faith in God?

  • Lost In A Black Hole

    Have you ever felt trapped in your own thoughts and feelings, regrets and failings? It can be a lonely place.

    It can feel like you’re sinking in a black hole with no way out. Click here to listen as Noel Due encourages us that there is a way out. Jesus has taken all of our shame to the cross and dealt with it there.

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