Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • What About The Carer

    “I've become his carer and his protector. That role of changing from being a wife to that element of carer, that's massive. Sometimes I'm just terrified.”

    Click here to listen as Therese shares her experiences and struggles about adjusting roles from wife to carer. What are the challenges and how did she cope?

  • Connected

    Do you sometimes look at the people around you and think “I wish I could be like them”? It can cause us to focus on what we don’t do, and don’t have, which can make us feel lonely, even if we’re surrounded by people who love us. Click here to listen to John Henderson talk about loneliness, and that it’s cure, lies outside ourselves.

  • All Alone

    “I think that all of us move into and out of loneliness. Some people tragically find themselves all alone. None of us were meant for that.”

    Loneliness isn’t a feeling restricted to people who are single. It can affect anyone. Click here to listen as James Winderlich talks about how we can feel alone and unconnected, even when we’re surrounded by people. But there is hope to feeling connected again.

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