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  • Is Heaven Real?

    “One second I was watching the doctors changing charts and then I was straight away in this darkness...the strangest thing is that I knew I was dead”

    Over 10 years ago, Dirk had a near heaven experience. He died for 2 minutes. Click here to listen as Dirk and his wife Penny try to make sense of what happened and what Dirk learned and experienced.

  • Tears In The Morning

    Have you ever experienced tears of joy and sadness at the same time? Maybe it’s the milestones as you children grow up and become more independent, or the wake after a funeral where you share the good times – even as you still feel the deep loss. How do you make sense of that – and keep moving forward. Click here to listen as David Altus has encouragement for those times we feel lost in grief

  • A Bloke Called Jesus

    The story of Jesus has been heard in almost every culture around the world. In many ways the harshness and beauty of outback Australia is similar to Israel where the actual events took place. Click here to listen as John, a close friend of Jesus, retells the story amongst the stock routes and mining towns of the bush.

  • Is Jesus Real?

    Who is Jesus? Is he more than just a swear word or a made up story? How do we know if he is real? Click here to listen to Richard, Celia and Noel as they have a conversation about Jesus and who he is for them.

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