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  • Ageing Transitions

    “It was my perfect house and I did not want to leave it. But then Norman became sick. He had Parkinson's.”

    Sometimes circumstances force dramatic changes in our lives and it can be difficult to adapt. How do we cope with the things we lose and is there anything to gain. Click here to listen to Celia as she talks with Norman and Hazel who had to leave their family home and move into a retirement village.

  • Payback

    “I didn’t feel like I wanted to forgive her, why should I? Y’know, when I did the sums, it wasn’t fair”

    When someone hurts you, how do you react? Do you want revenge? Revenge might feel better for a time but in the end the hurts remain. Click here to listen to Rob Schubert, who’ll talk about a better way to deal with those who hurt us

  • Understanding Conflict

    How do you deal with conflict? No matter who you are, there will be conflict in your life at some stage. Click here to listen to Richard this week as he talks with Bruce, a mediator in several countries around the world. There is hope to deal with conflict in a healthy way.

  • Surviving Cancer

    A cancer patient once said, “It’s like a terrorist attack. It can sneak up on you like a thief in the night.” So how do we come to terms with a diagnosis of cancer and where we can we find hope to face it? Click here to listen as Celia shares Karen’s story.

  • Coping With Cancer

    Michelle: “With the breast cancer it was what do we do now?”
    Phillip: “My first reaction was shock and then you start to say well ok how do we move on, how do we tackle this, what do we do?”
    Michelle: Y’know you just realise that you do have a God that looks after you”

    Cancer can come as a shock but you don’t have to face it alone. Over a period of 6 years Michelle faced a brain tumor, breast cancer and Hodgkins Disease! Click here to listen as Michelle and Phillip share their story.

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