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  • The Best Is Yet To Come

    “I used to love going fishing but I couldn't manage the boat anymore. Physically I
    couldn't cope. I denied that for about eight years!

    How do you cope with growing older? Are the signs of age wearing you down? Do you
    wonder how you’ll cope with the challenges? Click here to listen to Noel Due as he shares
    some good news about getting older.

  • Transitions

    We’re living in an aging society. There are more people over 65 than ever before with an ever growing demand for aged care support. How do families negotiate the transition into aged care? Click here to listen as Annette, who’s worked in aged care for over 30 years, shares encouraging insights for families facing the move into aged care.

  • Happiness

    “I was happy with my life, until someone told me about all the things I was missing
    out on.”

    What makes you happy? Is it the job you have or the things you do in your spare time?
    Perhaps it's the people you spend time with. Can you be truly happy regardless of how many
    friends you have or how much money you earn? Click here to listen as Mark Doecke talks
    about the pursuit of happiness.

  • Changes

    Do you want to make any changes for this year? As we enter this new year, maybe there are one or two things you’d like to change. Most of us have things we hope for and dream about for the future, but making these changes happen is often easier said than done, especially when the change is out of your control. Click here to listen as Celia and Richard discuss the challenges of making changes and how God can help us.

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