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  • The Welcome Swallow

    The Christmas/New Year season is a great time to get away and relax. But even on holidays we sometimes still find ourselves tired and moody. Sometimes it just takes something to turn things around. Click here to listen as Trevor Keller shares the story of the welcome swallow – a surprise that stayed with him long after the holiday was over.

  • What if God was one of us?

    Many people thing of God as some mysterious force floating around in the galaxy, randomly interacting with us via coincidence or miracles. The important message for us at Christmas is that God actually entered our world, physically as baby Jesus. Click here to listen to Adrian Kitson as he explores the question of What if God really was one of us?

  • Naughty Or Nice?

    Do you struggle with giving gifts at Christmas time? Who do I buy for? How much do I spend? Has it all just got a bit out of control? Click here to listen as Richard, Celia and Noel talk about gift giving at Christmas. Where did the idea begin? Why do we still do it? And perhaps more importantly - have you been naughty or nice this year?

  • When Dreams Break

    “I just felt like a bit of a fool like because I had this happy life one day and the next day it had all fallen to bits”

    Where do you go when your dreams are shattered? How do you grieve? Click here to listen as Deborah shares her story of grief and loss and how she found hope to dream again.

  • Where's My Job

    Are you struggling with an uncertain future due to job insecurity? This uncertainty can cause an incredible amount of stress in your life and in the lives of others around you. Click here to listen as Richard looks at the effects of job insecurity and some things that help you get through the uncertainty.

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