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  • Good Enough

    Do you ever ask yourself “Am I good enough?” Trying to measure up to family and friends,
    your boss or even yourself can be difficult. It can leave you feeling exhausted, guilty and
    wondering if it is worth the effort. Click here to listen to Richard as he shares some good news
    for those of us who never quite feel we are good enough.

  • Unexpected

    Have you ever experienced a sudden event which threw you for six and left you wondering
    why? Why did this happen to me? Click here to listen as we talk to Bishop John Henderson as
    he explores how to deal with the unexpected and try to make sense of why bad things

  • Smashing Plates - Part 2

    Are you struggling to clear your mind of something from the past? Click here to listen to the
    second part of this program where Chris shares one of the key things that helped free her
    from the trauma of her past.

  • Smashing Plates - Part 1

    Have you ever felt like smashing something? Overcoming feelings of anger, frustration, and
    helplessness can sometimes seem impossible. Click here to listen to one woman’s journey of
    healing from a childhood trauma.

  • Endless Love

    Do you feel like your future is looking bleak? Have you ever felt completely exhausted?
    When times are tough it’s hard to see the way ahead. Click here to listen as Noel tells the
    story of Geoff who struggled to survive in the Japanese prisoner of war camps and what
    helped to get him through.

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