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  • Dementia Is Not The End

    “We can make life better for people with dementia and a diagnosis of dementia does not mean the end.”

    Click here to listen as Celia talks with Gaye about some of the misunderstandings of Dementia. Gaye has worked in aged care for over 20 years and specialised in Dementia care. Do you struggle to understand and relate with a loved one who has Dementia? Listen in for surprising insights and encouragement for living with Dementia.

  • Messages of hope September 2017

    Click here to download the latest Messages Of Hope

  • I Remember When...

    Have you ever heard or used the saying, “I remember when…”? Remembering who we are is important to us. In Australia we have public holidays to help us remember who we are. On those days we often hear stories of freedom and the sacrifices that people made for us. Click here to listen to Richard as he talks more about remembering who we are.

  • Defending Territory

    How do you bring two families together into a new family unit? Click here to listen as Richard talks to Mark and Beth who blended their families. Mark’s children were in their late teens and Beth’s were primary school age. Hear how they coped with different parenting styles and discipline, and what it took to make the relationships work.

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