Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Fathers

    What does Father’s Day mean to you? Click here to listen to a group of dads share their joys, struggles and hopes as fathers. Being a dad isn’t always easy but it’s a whole better when we know we’re not the only one. You’ll be encouraged to hear there is forgiveness for the muck-ups and plenty of joy to be had.

  • Grace For All

    “My daughter has an intellectual and physical disability and it’s been really rough, but my faith in God has kept me going”

    Click here to listen to Messages Of Hope this week as we talk with two mums who raised children with severe intellectual disabilities. How did they cope with the challenges and does God have any meaning for a person who is intellectually disabled?

  • Is God Real?

    “Bill was paralysed from the chest down. He didn’t have a high opinion of a God who would leave him crippled. But he came to think differently.”

    Do you ever wonder if God is real? And if God is real what kind of God do you believe in? Click here to listen this week as Noel Due shares the stories of four people. They had every reason not to believe in God, and yet somehow, God still brought them hope.

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