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  • Easing The Pain

    “Those first two nights in hospital were the longest nights I’d ever experienced in my whole life, nothing seemed to stop the intense pain.”

    Have you ever experienced pain that won’t go away? It can sap the life out of you. Click here to listen as Mark Doecke talks about his experience of pain, and where we can look for hope, when it just won’t go away.

  • What About The Carer

    “It feels like there's a truck parked on my leg and it’s just been crushed. I can try and mask it
    with medication, try and ignore it, but it’s always there.”

    “I've become his carer and his protector. That role of changing from being a wife to that
    element of carer, that's massive. Sometimes I'm just terrified.”

    One in Five Australians suffer chronic pain. It can be a debilitating condition, leading to
    personality changes and a heavy strain on relationships. First thoughts often go to the
    person suffering the condition but what about the carers?

    Click here to listen as we talk with Therese about adjusting from wife to carer. What are the
    challenges and how did she cope?

  • Stress

    “You know you have that little voice in your head saying I should be able to manage I should be able to do this this and this all of it together. You know you feel like you should be able to do it all.”

    Do you ever feel stressed, trying to meet everyone’s expectations, as well as your own? Stress affects all of us at some time. Click here to listen this week we’re talking about stress and the key reason why it can be so destructive.

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