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  • Near Heaven

    “I knew I was dead. Apparently I had a big grin on my face – You looked so young, there was not a line on your face, amazing.”

    Click here to listen this week to hear about Dirk and Penny’s near heaven experience. How did they make sense of it at the time and what has it meant in over ten years since then?

  • Messages of hope June 2017

    Click here to download the latest Messages Of Hope

  • Rain

    For many people, especially farmers, watching the weather can be a favourite past time. But for some people it’s a lot more than that, sometimes it’s a matter of life and death. Rain is an essential part of life but sometimes too much rain can be destructive. Click here to listen this week as Richard tries to make sense of the times when natural disasters, like floods, destroy property, livelihoods, and even life itself.

  • Joy beyond shattered dreams

    “God isn’t a cruel trickster. He hasn’t left us in a dark box with a jigsaw puzzle to assemble without a torch.”
    Have you ever felt stuck in the dark, with no way out? Life may be dark because you’ve lost your job, or someone you love. Click here to listen as this week on Messages of Hope, Noel Due shares how God does offer us a torch.

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