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  • Living In An Addictive World

    We live in an addictive world. There’s so much stuff that surrounds us that we can be addicted to any number of things. There are the obvious things like alcohol and drugs, but what about the more subtle addictions like food, work, and going shopping. What might you be addicted to? How do you fight the addictions and cope with the cravings?

    Click here to listen to Richard as he talks about cravings and how we can escape their hold they over us.

  • Eating Disorder

    Click here to listen as Richard Fox talks with Liz about what it was like as a mother to watch her daughter suffer and how she coped with her daughter’s struggle with anorexia.

  • The New You

    “When the illusions shatter. When the promises unravel. When the diet fails. Then...we start to see things as they really are.”

    We all place our hope in something. Advertisers know that very well. They promote their products with a dream attached. The promise of a better life, a new you, buy this car and your life will finally fall into place! What promises do you believe in? Where do you go when they don’t come true? Click here to listen as Noel Due gets us thinking about what we put our hope in and reveals why God’s promises can be trusted.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety covers a lot of fearful conditions, like phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorders. Now a certain amount of nervous energy and fear is actually healthy and quite normal. But when these feelings take over and rule our life we may be suffering chronic anxiety. Anxiety can be even more difficult to deal with when we believe in God because we get even more anxious about not trusting God enough. Click here to listen as we talk to Jenny and Steve who have both suffered from anxiety and Julie who is a psychologist.

  • I don't know much

    How much do you know about mental illness? Rather than feeling compassion for someone suffering something like schizophrenia, bi polar and other acute conditions, we sometimes feel threatened and even offended. Click here to listen as James Winderlich looks at what fuels our fear and what can change?

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