Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • ABCs Of Parenting

    Have you ever had times as a parent where you’ve wondered if you’re good enough? Or have you had moments when you haven’t really liked your children, even though you know you love them? These feelings are pretty common so you’re not alone. Click here to listen as Celia Fielke chats with Ali Hoopman. Listen in as they share some of their parenting experiences and tackle the question - how do you keep loving on the days when you feel like you have nothing left?

  • Through the Valley

    Have you ever known a parent who is experiencing a relationship standoff with a child? We’re all familiar with the painful story. At first a rift begins to form. Over time these circumstances can lead to separation. The prodigal child simply exits the home and doesn’t look back. Click here to listen as Richard talks about the anxiety and frustration parents face when their child runs away.

  • Foster Parenting

    Click here to listen as Celia Fielke talks with Ann, a mother with 4 children still at home, and now also a foster parent, about the unique struggles and joys that come with foster parenting. And also Margaret, a placement support worker for Lutheran Community Care’s foster program in South Australia.

  • Freedom From Shame

    Do you ever feel ashamed? It’s an awful feeling, especially if you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes the effects of shame can stick with us even from childhood. Click here to listen as Richard, Celia and Noel talk about why we feel ashamed and what we can do about it.

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