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  • Adam

    “I was real agro, and in a wheelchair. You wouldn’t expect too much strength but all of a sudden I had full strength and I pounded a brick out of a double brick wall”

    Adam used to pull 250 kilos of horticulture tools around Canberra, towing them behind his pushbike! But it all changed dramatically in January 2003. Click here to listen to Adam’s story of recovery, forgiveness and new life.

  • Hope In The Desert

    Have you ever broken down in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight? It can be a frightening experience. Click here to listen to Noel Due telling the true story of a friend who broke down in the desert. Find out what went through her mind as the hours passed by, and how the experience changed her life.

  • Worth Fighting For

    “I’m Sophie, and when I was 8 my mum left. I don’t know whether it’s something I felt like then but it’s definitely something I've had to deal with since - feeling unworthy, unlovable, not worth fighting for”. How could anybody else love me if a parent can’t love me enough to stay?”
    Have you ever felt unloved and not worth fighting for? Sophie was 8 when her parents separated. Now in her mid-20’s, she’s been learning how to rise above the hurts and discovering there’s more than one kind of family. Click here to listen to Sophie’s story. When Sophie’s parents separated, she wanted to hide away from the world. Now, over 16 years since the separation, she mentors young people and has a visible leadership role in a church.

  • FOMO

    Do you ever feel like you’re racing around doing a billion great things but at the end of it all wonder why? In the 21st century we can have it all. Our world is so full of opportunities that we can live our lives at a frenetic pace, trying desperately to make the most of every moment. It can feel great while we’re in the moment but the good feelings often don’t last long and we’re looking for the next thing. Click here to listen as Rob Schubert talks about the fear of missing out. Is a satisfying life wrapped up in what we can experience, or is there a deeper meaning to our lives?

  • The Long Slow Ride

    “Not far from a lonely cave 200 km west of the Rock, Harold Lasseter died in the scorching summer heat. Some people view Jesus journey to death as another foolish ride. One long, slow ride to his death on a cross.”

    Click here to listen as Mark Doecke compares two stories. One is about Harold Lasseter’s search for gold in the 1930’s. The other is Jesus’ journey to the cross. Both stories involve long slow rides that end in painful death, but they don’t both end in tragedy.

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