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  • Molly

    Every now and then we all get glimpses of what life could be. Maybe even what it should be. They’re little moments that impact us in big ways. Unfamiliar, fresh experiences that touch us not because they feel new but because they surprisingly connect with our deepest longings. Join James Winderlich as he talks about the life changing encounter he had with Molly, an Aboriginal woman, who taught him the true meaning of belonging.

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  • Chosen

    Have you ever missed out on something that you’ve desperately wanted? Or have you ever been rejected? How does that compare to being chosen? To being selected into the team? To win the prize? To be given the job? Richard Fox talks about being chosen and how special that makes us.

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  • Rage

    Recent surveys show that 88% of responders claim to have been victims of road rage. One in ten were forced off the road during a road rage incident. Tailgating, rude gestures, and shouting and banging on windows are some of the examples of road rage. How would you deal with road rage? How do you deal with violence? Listen as Richard shares his insights about the power that fear can have over hour lives. How do we bring fear into balance?

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