Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Are You Afraid?

    “The fear index is very high, the global financial crisis, terrorism and climate change. It’s just this constant drum beat in our subconscious telling us to be frightened.”

    Reports of international terrorist attacks are becoming more common in the news. Add to that things like assault, kidnapping and murder in our own neighbourhoods and you wonder why would you ever go outside! How do we face the fear of violence? Is there any way to stop fear from paralyzing our lives? Join us as on Face to Face Round the Table as we have a conversation about fear.

  • Happy

    “We don’t want to miss out, we don’t want to miss out on getting all these things. They’ve got it, I want it. We live in that fast food space.” “… the world offers us, in that sense an intravenous drip, a shortcut to happiness.“ “Why is that? Why are we always searching for this happiness?”

    We all want to be happy but are we actually searching for something else? Join us on Face to Face as we’re talking about the pursuit of happiness. How do we get enough of it, and is it really what we’re searching for anyway?

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