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  • A Wedding Miracle

    Have you ever had times in your life when you felt so embarrassed that you just wanted to run away and hide? What if it happened for everyone to see? Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, so how do you go getting out of those embarrassing and shameful moments in life?

    Hear stories on how people have survived through such moments in life.

  • Firestorm

    “It was a pretty horrific time……the noise, the black smoke…….these fires will happen again, it’s no matter of if but when.“
    These days it seems that every summer will bring devastating fires to somewhere in Australia. For those of us who watch on from a distance, the stories of lost property, livelihoods and lives, burn lasting images into our memories and hearts. But what about the people who experience the loss firsthand? Can you recover from events like these and look forward with confidence? Listen to the stories of people who’ve lived through a major fire event. Those who fought the fire, lost homes and property, and worst of all lost friends and family members, will share what they experienced the day the fires hit, and how they’ve coped years down the track.

    Click here to listen to the stories now

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