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  • A Good Yarn

    Most of us love a good story. The tradition of “spinning a yarn” goes way back in our national psyche. And great stories aren’t just entertaining, they also share some truths about ourselves and the world we live in.

    Rob Schubert retells two stories that Jesus told. They reveal powerful truths about God and how we’re connected to his story.

  • A Ladder And A Torch

    “I got introduced to alcohol at 16 and I found this wonderful feeling of release. I could be somebody that I always wanted to be. It became my friend.“

    There are many tragic stories about the abuse of alcohol, but how does it start, and how can it change? Listen to Darryl’s lifelong story with alcohol to hear that there is hope.

  • Families Under Pressure

    As parents, we want the best for our families, but the pressures on us, and our children, can be overwhelming at times. Parents can feel alone and the support of extended family is not always readily available.

    Adrian Kitson looks at where we can find support, to keep our families healthy. What can we do to keep our family functioning in a healthy way?

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