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  • Science and Faith

    “God’s not against science. It’s no good being ignorant of science. In the same way I don’t think scientists should be ignorant of faith.”

    It’s often said that politics and religion don’t mix. A more recent version of that equation is that science and faith don’t mix. Can we have faith in science, and faith in God?

    Listen to Dr. Graham Buxton who is the director of the Graham Clark Research Institute which has been established to study the relationship between science and faith.

  • The River Trip

    “Spending a day on the river can be great fun. There’s swimming, fishing, and boating, amongst other things. I remember one time went to the Murray River in South Australia with my family and had a great day. But it wasn’t all plain sailing.” Click here to listen as Richard shares his family’s recent experience on the Murray River.

  • It Doesn't Make Sense

    When driving in the Australian bush and you see a kangaroo on the road, all the old farmers used to tell me that “it’s not that one you see that will get you, it’s the one you don’t see”. So is life just a random set of coincidences? I believe that life is more than just getting by.
    John Henderson is tackling the question “Is God actively involved in our lives?

    Click here to listen to the program now

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