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  • Messy Christmas

    “Jesus came into a pretty messy situation at that first Christmas. It wasn’t just messy, it was deadly!”

    What’s Christmas like for you? Do you look forward to it or would you rather avoid it? On Face to Face we discuss the messy side of Christmas. Is it possible to still enjoy the peace, joy and hope of Christmas, even in the mess?

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  • Playing God

    “I think sometimes people view the field of genetics as people wanting to play God but I think we can look at it in a different way”

    On Face to Face, we talk to Jan, who works as a genetic counsellor, and to Chris, who works as a genetic engineer. What is the role of genetics, and what can it teach us about ourselves, and about God?

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  • Take Heart

    How do you cope in times of grief and loss? When we experience grief, it’s hard to know what to do or how to cope.

    We can’t avoid grief or bring back what we’ve lost but we can find hope alongside our sadness. Listen to Face to Face as Pastor Richard Fox share stories that have helped him and given him hope to face grief.

  • Media Matters November 2015

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  • Neighbours

    “Here we were taking a step into a brand new community where everyone was starting from scratch. Who would be our new neighbours? How would we fit in?”

    Have you ever moved to a new neighbourhood? Did you worry about how you’d fit in? Trevor Keller shares his own story, of retiring into a new neighbourhood of young families. Would they be accepted? What about the generation gap? Could a city community be anything like the country one they grew up in?

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