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  • A Ladder In Your Pocket

    “I didn’t find any real connection between what was said in church with what happened in the rest of life. And there at college I met a couple of people who blew all of my experiences and theories about church and God and Jesus completely out of the water.”

    Listen to an interview of Noel Due on Face to Face. Listen in to hear how Noel turned from religious cynic to Jesus believer.

  • Running The Race

    In the 400 metres semi-final of the ‘92 Olympic Games, a runner tore his hamstring and fell to the ground in agony with 250 metres left to run. Everyone thought that his race was over. Have you ever faced a challenge that pushed you to the limit? Did you think you might not make it to the end? Listen to Richard Fox on Face to Face to hear how we can get to the finish line.

  • Lost In A Black Hole

    “My God, my God, why did you forsake me?” Have you ever felt trapped in your own thoughts and feelings, regrets and failings? It can be a lonely place. It can feel like your sinking in a black hole with no way out.

    Noel Due is on Face to Face and wants to encourage you that there is a way out. Jesus has taken all of our shame to the cross and dealt with it there. Listen to Lost In A Black Hole now

  • Doing Things That Last

    Some years ago a survey was done with people over the age of 80, asking the question “what would you do differently, if you had another chance at life?” One of the most popular responses was, “I’d do things that last.”

    How would you respond to that question?

    Mark Doecke is on Face to Face and believes there are things that last and we can be part of them.

    Click here to listen to the program.

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