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  • Lakshmi & Mary

    Do you ever feel alone? Have you been let down by the people around you? Do you wish someone would stick with you, even when you’re struggling?

    On Face to Face, Noel Due shares the story of two mothers. One rejected by her society through no fault of her own. The other helplessly watching her son die a cruel death. What hope is there when you’re left to face life alone?

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  • Living With Jesus

    When you commit yourself to something or someone, you expect a return for your loyalty and effort. It may be with an employer or a life partner. Unfortunately these relationships are often let down and the disappointment is immense. On Face to Face James Winderlich is talking about the benefits of living with Jesus. Why you can trust Jesus to stay committed to you.

  • Christian Media Australia

    The Lutheran Media Chairperson, Rev Ben Hentschke, and the Lutheran Media Director, Rev Richard Fox, recently attended Connect15. This is a conference for the leaders in Christian outreach media. We gather to support and encourage each other. We also listen and learn from social commentators and experienced media people. Guest speakers this year included Tim Costello, John Dickson, and Ed Stetzer. We came away from the conference with many great ideas and friendships. Thank you.

  • Clean Windows

    Have you ever felt unworthy, unloved, and inadequate? Being loved and accepted are some of the best feelings we can experience. But we often don’t feel these things. We can feel ‘dirty’ instead. Not dirty from having mud on our hands, but from feeling guilty or ashamed because of something we’ve done or had done to us? Listen in to Face to Face to hear how Jesus love and acceptance can make you feel clean again.

  • Mount Barker Visit

    Thanks to the congregation at St Mark’s Lutheran Church in Mount Barker for inviting me to lead your worship. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you including the lunch.

    The mission focused worship service was greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and encouragement.


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