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  • Anzac Day Special

    This year we commemorate 100 years since Anzac Day. We remember those who’ve lost their lives defending our freedom. But we also remember the horrors of war. On Face to Face this week we’ll hear how Mark Butler, chaplain to the RAAF special reserve, reconciles the tension between loving one another and going to war? And where is God in conflict situations?

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  • Paradise

    You and I don’t have to have power or strength, or a good track record to have a good future. Do you dream of a better life? Sometimes when we chase our dreams, the reality of the world is often much harsher than we hoped for. This week on Face to Face Noel Due will explain that our future doesn’t depend on how clever, good or strong we are. It depends on Jesus.

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  • Bonhoeffer

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a pastor, theologian, people smuggler and spy. Only days before the end of the second world war Bonhoeffer was executed for treason against the Nazi regime. His life story continues to inspire people. Join us on Face to Face this week as we discuss some of the life changing choices Dietrich made, and what motivated him to look beyond his own needs to serve others.

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  • NEW eBook - Chronic Pain

    The NEW Chronic Pain eBook is a great way to watch, read and discuss hope filled messages in times of suffering. You can interact with the eBook and use it to lead groups of people through the topic of suffering and chronic pain and answer the tough questions like, where’s God in all of this? It’s a great way to learn more about where God is in times of suffering and that there is real hope.

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  • Desert To Garden

    “Today is handover day. Jesus holds the keys to the kingdom of God and he’s giving them to you and me.”

    How do you feel when you finally get the keys to your first car or walk into your new home. Life is new and exciting. On Face to Face this week Trevor Keller shares that Jesus Christ hasn’t only given us the keys to a new life, but he’s supporting us the whole way.

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  • Better Justice

    “He went quietly, no phone call to his lawyer. They wanted his death, and they got it.”

    The death penalty has been with us for centuries. Some believe it’s reasonable justice for certain crimes. Others feel the taking of any life is against basic human rights. What kind of justice do you believe in? This week on Face to Face, Tim Klein asks “Is there a better justice?”

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  • Happyland Easter Calendar

    Have fun this Easter with the NEW Happyland Easter Calendar.

    Many Children don’t know the real story of Easter and parents and teachers are often after resources to share with children. In the NEW Happyland Easter Calendar you’ll find videos, colouring-in pages, recipes, and other exciting activities. You can open an Easter egg every day in the week leading up to and the week after Easter. Children will have lots of fun exploring the real story of Easter.

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