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  • What The World Needs Now

    We are living in a world today where people long for hope yet many have no hope.

    Christians – followers of Jesus Christ – talk a lot about hope. But hope in what?

    As we move into a new year, we often hope for things to be better than last year. But where does your hope come from? This week on Face to Face, Mark Doecke shares how hope in God can bring you a lasting hope as you live out this new year. Click here to listen to the program.

  • A Christmas Cry

    The well-known Christmas Carol “Away in a Manger” says “the cattle are lowing, the baby awakes, but little Lord Jesus no crying he makes” – but I’m not so sure.

    The sound of the first Christmas was probably the sound of a baby crying as he came into the world. Now for most of us a crying baby is an uncomfortable sound but on this week’s Face to Face Christmas Day Special, Bishop David Altus will show how it can also be a comforting sound.

  • What To Buy?

    The build up to Christmas can be really stressful and tiring. Buying gifts, planning holidays and family get togethers. Trying to get everything done before Christmas can be a nightmare. Personally, I struggle with buying gifts and trying to find the perfect gift for the special people in my life. Click here to join Richard Fox on Face to Face this week as he shares more about trying to find the perfect gift.

  • Wall Calendar

    The popular Lutheran Media Wall Calendar is available for 2015.

    In it you will find inspiring images that reflect on the places Jesus travelled. There are daily bible reading references that follow the seasons of the church year. The school terms and public holidays for Australia and New Zealand are included along with the moon cycle. The large clear date boxes enable you to use the calendar to plan your year ahead (and help you not forget a birthday).

    We hope you enjoy the 2015 Calendar, many people do and some have even come to believe in Jesus because of it.

    Click here to order now

  • Spirit Of Hope

    “It’s really easy to be critical of another person’s mistakes, to humiliate and belittle them because they’ve been so stupid. But it’s deadly. Well thank God that’s not his message to us at Christmas!

    For many people Christmas isn’t something to look forward to. Strained family relationships and the usual Christmas rush don’t inspire words like joy and peace.

    On Face to Face, Noel Due will offer encouragement with a hopeful message for this Christmas season. Click here to listen now.

  • Happyland Advent Calendar

    Are you looking for ways to enjoy Christmas with the family this year?

    The online Happyland Advent Calendar is packed with fun activities. Every day leading up to Christmas a new star opens up. Click on it to find a video clip, recipe, colouring-in activity, craft, story, or a song to sing.

    The Happyland Advent Calendar counts the 24 days up to Christmas and it’s not too late to join in the fun.

    Feel free to share with your friends too!

    Click here to view the Happyland Advent Calendar now

  • Media Matters November 2014

    Click here to download Media Matters November 2014 edition.

  • I Have A Disability

    “I hope that most people would relate to me as a person rather than relate to me as someone who has a disability.“

    How do you react to people with disabilities? Do you see them as people first, or do you struggle to see past the outward disability? Click here to listen in on Face to Face, where Rob Schubert suggests we all have a disability of some kind, some are just more obvious than others.

  • Fighting Fire

    What’s it like to fight a fire, leave your home and face the threat of the coming bushfire season? In January bushfires ripped through the Eden Valley region in SA. Many people were caught in the fire and locals helped out to fight the fires.

    On Face to Face we interview some of the people who were both caught in the fire and fought the fire. Click here to listen in, hear their stories and what they learnt from these experiences.

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