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  • Queensland Synod

    The Queensland Synod gathers at Gatton. Synod meetings are exciting times to meet with congregation and ministry representatives to hear the challenges and opportunities that the church faces in today's context and community. I enjoy going to these events to hear people's stories and to share the stories of Lutheran Media. The stories of people responding to the good news of Jesus Christ through media inspire and encourage us to be bold and courageous to share the good news of Jesus Christ and his message of hope.

    See you there Queensland

    - Richard Fox

    Queensland District Synod 2014 Queensland District Synod 2014
  • Christian Media

    Recently, I was privileged to attend the Christian Media Association conference – Connect14. Leaders in Christian Media - including radio and TV station executives, content producers, and social commentators - gathered at a 2 day conference to network and support each other to share the good news of Jesus Christ through media.
    John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister, spoke on our social context and his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that the western world faces.
    We were encouraged by people who had given many years of service, including Roger Climpson (Channel 7 News reader in Sydney) and Gordon Moyes who hosted successful TV shows.
    I attended electives on story writing in today’s culture and I came away with many ideas from the 2 day event.
    I was very encouraged by the impact Christians are making through media to reach out to people with the good news of Jesus Christ. After all, “Christ is the message, media is the mouth piece”.

    - Pastor Richard Fox

    Christian Media Leaders Christian Media Leaders
  • Retired Pastors, Wives, and Widows

    Sharing the work we do at Lutheran Media takes me to many locations and to different audiences, though never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would be sharing how to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ to people through media to such a group of people. To see the likes of Rev Dr Lance Steicke, Rev David Paech, Rev Dr Elmore Leske and Rev Dr Mike Semmler looking at me was quite humbling. It brought back memories of them interviewing me at some point in my journey to being a pastor of the Lutheran Church of Australia.
    I was truly blessed to be in a room of approximately 60 people, most of whom have preached to me, who are passionate about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. What stories they must have?
    Thank you for their support, encouragement, and prayers. It is support from people like this that the good news of Jesus Christ is reaching out into people's lives.
    Thank you!

    - Pastor Richard Fox

    Immanuel Lutheran Church Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • Winner of our iPad competition!

    Thanks for your support and visiting us at the Lutheran Women SA/NT, and NSW, and Victoria and the LCA SA & NT Synod. Lutheran Media gave away an iPad at these combined events to say thankyou to our supporters and to raise the profile of reaching out to people through media. For example, Larry The Lamb is an iPad and iPhone game app available for free in the App Store. and have mobile sites that you can access on mobile devices also.

    We drew the winner from the barrel at the LCA National Office morning tea on Friday. The person to receive the iPad is Ron Jericho from Murray Bridge. Thanks again for your support.

    You are reaching out to people in need through media.
    God bless.

    - Pastor Richard Fox

    SA/NT District Synod SA/NT District Synod
  • Thank You!

    “Great to see you!”
    “Thanks for the booklets and DVDs”
    “Where can I listen to Face to Face?”

    Thank you to the event organisers for the invitations to share at your events the outreach mission work of Lutheran Media. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and encouragement.

    Thanks to the LCA SA & NT Pastors for their applause, encouragement, and prayers for Lutheran Media. They watched an episode of Chronic Pain which touched them. Many are using these mini movies and our other resources in their ministry. Also, thanks to the Lutheran pastors who are presenters – we are always looking for more presenters J

    There were 375 people at the Lutheran Women of SA & NT event in Kadina. Even though we did not have a presentation time, we were acknowledged and thanked on at least 3 separate occasions. God’s work through Lutheran Media is touching many lives.

    Michelle Shepherd, a new board member of Media Ministry, presented at Lutheran Women in NSW. Michelle enjoyed her time, even though it was an early morning drive from Sydney. Thanks Michelle and LWNSW. I hope to get there next year.

    Thanks to a free rental car and the discounted flights, I was able to attend the Lutheran Women of Victoria event. I had 5 minutes before lunch to introduce myself to them. They accepted me warmly, even considering I held them back from an amazing lunch. Thanks for your support!

    David Mau presented at the LCA SA & NT Synod on late Saturday afternoon. He touched many people with what resources are available for people to use and share with each other.

    Overall, a wonderful experience of meeting people who are excited to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Many of our resources were taken to be shared with people who are in need of the good news of Jesus Christ. Thankyou for your support and partnering with us to share the gospel.

    Lord Jesus, thank you for giving us yourself so freely. Thank you for the sacrifice you made for us. Help us to share your good news so that people are saved. Amen

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