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  • Opening Eyes

    I had the pleasure to visit the St Johns Lutheran Church in Tea Tree Gully, SA, today. I lead worship and preached on Jesus healing the blind man in John 9. God opens our eyes to see the truth that Jesus is our Lord & we need this 'opening' often as we are often 'blinded'. God is opening eyes through Lutheran Media. Lutheran Media is bringing God's messages of hope to over 1,000,000 people every week and eyes are being opened. Thank you God! Join with us to communicate Christ and open eyes :)

    - Pastor Richard Fox


  • Bringing God's message to Immanuel Lutheran School

    Thanks to the children, teachers, parents, and staff of Immanuel Lutheran School in Gawler, South Australia. Thanks for inviting me to help lead worship and bring God’s message of love and hope in Jesus Christ to you.
    Thanks for getting involved, especially my volunteer who listened and talked with me on cups attached by string – ahhh the days before modern media.
    Words do something.  Just like our actions may show love, words also show love. Saying “I like you” to someone is better than saying “I don’t like you”.
    God says he loves us, and he means it. He proved it by sacrificing his son, Jesus, on the cross for us so that we have eternal life.
    God says his love in words as he says “I forgive you” and “I love you”. To hear words like this is a good reason to go to worship. Hearing that God loves and forgives us is very special.

    Thanks for sharing God’s love with me. Let’s share God’s love with people we meet. Including through media such as the internet and social media.

    Hope you enjoy the Happyland show bags and enjoy playing the game at!

    God bless,

    - Pastor Richard Fox


  • Let the club do the work

    There’s a saying in golf, “Let the club do the work”. This is easier said than done. When you are lining up to have your shot off the tee, the flag and hole look a long way away. The thoughts are to hit the ball as hard as you can to get it near the hole. A result is often a shanked shot into the bushes and a long search for the golf ball. It’s in these moments of frustration I again remind myself, ‘trust the club’.
    When I don’t try to hit the ball too hard and let the club do the work it is amazing how often a good shot is the result.
    Life can be a little like this. We want things to work out as we want and will put a great deal of effort into it. And how often do we muck it up?
    God is here to do the work for us, to guide and help us. He calls us to trust in him and in his son, Jesus Christ.
    Even though it may seem scary at first to trust in someone other than ourselves. It’s amazing how often I am at peace when I trust in God. I hope and pray that you are too.

    - Pastor Richard Fox



  • Are you hopeful?

    I bumped into my former seminary lecturer today at the
    Bordertown BP roadhouse. We're off to lead bible studies in two different
    places in Victoria. I'm leading a study on 'Communicating Christ' to the
    Lutheran Men of Victoria. After sharing our stories, we realized that
    people today need hope. Despite the fact that we seem to have it all - we
    seem to not have hope. This is not a wishful hope but a real and certain
    hope. Hope that God is in the world, giving us himself, and guiding us
    through life - no matter what we are facing in our lives. Even in the
    times when all seems lost, God is here to help. Jesus Christ is here to
    help us through.

    - Pastor Richard Fox

    2014-03-22 17.45.32

  • Social Hub coming soon to Lutheran Media


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