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  • Messages of hope September 2017

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  • Messages of hope June 2017

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  • Short Movie Competition

    Short Movie Competition

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    1st - by Annie Douglas

    2nd - by Morris Family

    3rd - by Lilli Fulwood


    By Mia Bateman

    By William Kriewaldt

    By Nathan d'Hotman

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  • Messages Of Hope March 2017

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  • Media Matters September 2016

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  • Media Matters November 2015

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  • Media Matters September 2015

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  • A Place for Everyone

    Ben Hentschke Ben Hentschke
    Last weekend on behalf of Lutheran Media, Pastor Ben Hentschke spoke to the people of St. Paul’s, Sydney about the church being “A Place for Everyone”, and encouraged them to not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God. (Acts 15:19).

    Pastor Ben also showed how the people of St. Paul’s could help partner with Lutheran Media in order to reach out to the city of Sydney with a message of hope for those in need using media.

    Thanks to the people of St. Paul’s, Sydney for hosting and supporting the work of Lutheran Media.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ben Hentschke

  • Welcome Celia

    Welcome Celia to Lutheran MediaWelcome Celia to Lutheran Media
    Celia has started with the Face to Face team this year assisting with a new style of program to add to the messages of hope brought to our listeners each month.

    Celia moved to Hahndorf, in the Adelaide Hills with her husband Craig and their 3 children 3 years ago as Craig took up a position at Cornerstone College. Before that, Celia and her family lived in the Barossa Valley for over 20 years. Celia comes from a background in education, in particular the area of Vocational Education and Career Counselling. She has a passion for working with young people in helping them to find their pathway and begin their journey into life beyond school. This has led to Celia working in a number of roles both within schools and beyond.

    In more recent times she has felt a particular calling in the area of voice and radio work and is very excited about the opportunities and possibilities in bringing stories of how Christ is working in ordinary people’s lives to a wider audience.

    “I love to read and keep active. With 3 teenage children, a lot of my time seems to be spent as a taxi service, but I try to find time away from the frantic pace in which our lives get caught up. This probably tends to be early in the morning before everyone else gets up. I’m not naturally a morning person, but that quiet time as the sun is coming up before the demands of the day, brings me closer to God and gives me the time to get my day started out in the right frame of mind.”

  • Welcome Cathryn

    Cathryn Hamilton has joined the Lutheran Media team to help with research on social and media issues and opportunities. Cathryn has extensive experience in research and has joined the team to help with outreach content. Her research has already generated ideas for scripts, interviews, and new outreach opportunities. Welcome Cathryn.

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