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  • Anxiety

  • Great Expectations

    We all have dreams in life. They might be dreams of achieving great success, a long term relationship, or simply being happy. What about you – what do you dream of achieving? And how do you cope when life doesn’t turn out like you expected. Click here to listen to Richard as he talks about how to cope when our expectations aren’t realized.

  • In Memory Of Lily

    The pain of losing a loved one is never easy. When it happens suddenly, it can seem extra hard to deal with. Click here to listen to Stephen Schulz as he shares his recent experience of loss. As a pastor he has comforted a lot of people in their grief, but his own experience took him by complete surprise.

  • Rain

    For many people, especially farmers, watching the weather can be a regular past time. Sometimes it can be a matter of life and death.

    Rain is an essential part of life but sometimes too much rain can be destructive. Click here to listen to Richard this week as he tries to make sense of the times when natural disasters, like droughts and floods, destroy property, livelihoods, and even life itself.

  • Dementia is not the end

    “We can make life better for people with dementia and a diagnosis of dementia does not mean the end.”

    Do you struggle to understand and relate with a loved one who has Dementia? Click here to listen to some surprising insights and encouragement for living with Dementia. Celia is talking with Gaye about some of the misunderstandings around Dementia. Gaye has worked in aged care for over 20 years and specialised in Dementia care.

  • I Remember When

    Have you ever heard someone say, “I remember when…?” Do you say it yourself?

    I remember standing by my grandpa while he drove the tractor on the farm. Whenever he’d tell me stories from the past he’d start with “I remember when.” Years later his memories started to fade and I felt the relationship fading away too.

    Click here to listen to Richard as he talks about memories, and how to cope when they start to fade.

  • Recovering Through Community

    “It was like the longest hour and a half of my life!. Cos I didn’t know if I had a husband. Not knowing if he was alive.”

    3 years ago, Natalie and Gary were caught up in a severe bushfire. In less than an hour a fire that was 50 k’s away was suddenly overwhelming their property. Initially you’re in survival mode but what happens in the days and years after the fire has passed through? Click here to listen this week as Andy chats with Natalie and Gary as they share
    what has helped them recover.

  • Looking Forward, Looking Back

    2018 is over and many of us will have already been reminiscing about last year. Have you made any resolutions for a better year in 2019? Do they actually work, or can we make them happen? Click here to listen to Trevor Keller as he talks about how we can look forward with confidence, no matter what kind of a year we’ve had in 2018.

  • Time Matters

    “Time can be used or wasted, it can be invested or squandered, but either way, once used, it can never be regained.“

    Do you feel like you never have enough time? Or perhaps you wish you used some of your time differently? One sure thing about time is once it’s gone you can’t get it back. So how do we deal with that? Click here to listen as Mark Doecke talks about making the most of the time we have.

  • Story of the Carols

    Christmas time is so well known for it’s carols but why do we actually sing Christmas carols? Click here to listen as Celia and Richard talk about some of their favourite carols and share the meaning and memories they bring for them.

    What are your favourite carols?

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